About us

Who are we.?


Firstly thank you for visiting the website.Guiar Vakantiehuizen huren en kopen in Spanje


I will introduce myself, my name is Hanka Vet and I'm the founder of the site.


Some time ago I was asked if I wanted to find a home for someone without a agency.

I enthusiastically took on the job, but unfortunately it seemed easier said than done. 

There was no website to find which was up to date for merchants directly from the owner.


So the idea was born to create an online platform which has to be a mix between marketplace

and a rental site for (holiday) homes in Spain.

Furthermore, the site has to be accessible, easily and clearly so that everyone could handle it.


I think we have succeeded in this, but if you have any advice, questions or comments you can always contact us through our contact form .


On www.guiar.nl you can place ads for renting and selling of (holiday) houses in Spain by owners / managers or agents.

You can see immediately if the house of your choice will be directly from the owner or the existence of an agency.


We hope you enjoy visiting the site.


Hanka Vet